Short memorable finance domain name with a modern feel
Currency exchange, quantum dots, financial technology, cryptocurrency, lending, rebates.

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This short memorable .com domain name perfectly spans enterprises from lending to currency exchange, from cryptocurrencies to quantum dots. Two common four letter words are easy to remember, yet the totality of the domain name has a modern feel, especially if one considers possible quantum computing and nanotechnology through quantum dots. 

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This domain is offered for immediate purchase and transfer. Alternatively, we are open to offers. Or you can arrange for a monthly payment plan.

Good Value

Ultimately only you can assess what value any domain name option brings to your organization. Consider the monthly cost of the domain name compared to the worth it brings to your organization in terms of esteem, traffic, memorability and savings in future advertising and promotion costs.  A good domain name helps you get noticed and remembered and  it can easily pay for itself in months.

Comparator Sales

Domain names (.com extension) ending in ‘cash’ have sold 309 times with an average price of $2167 (NameBio Data). 

We realize that it is important to make sure that the price offered for a domain name is reasonable. The best way to do that is to look at previoius sales of comparable domain names. Some recent comparable sales include:

  • Onecash ($35,000, 2016)
  • ViaCash ($15,000, 2019)
  • YouCash ($19,000, 2015)
  • VirtualCash ($8400, 2019)
  • SpeedCash ($7827, 2018)
  • AdvanceCash ($7500, 2017)
  • DotData ($29,888, 2018)
  • DotOn ($5572, 2017)
  • DotHub ($4950, 2018)
  • DotFund ($3988, 2018) among many others.

Other Information

The term ‘dots cash’ (without quotes) yields over 48 million Google search results. 

In terms of automated domain worth estimates of DotsCash.com, NameWorth suggests a value of $5450 while GoDaddy GoValue suggests $1440. If automated worth estimate data is important to you, we urge you to check the most recent information.

We also have available the corresponding new extension exact match name dots.cash. Please inquire if you would like to purchase the two as a package.

Optional Payment Plan

If you prefer to spread payments over many months as your business grows, we are offering an optional interest-free payment plan. Payment plans are managed by Epik and you have use of the domain name following the first monthly payment, and the ownership transfers to you following the final payment. 

Trust Transfer

This domain name is registered at Epik who will handle the purchase and transfer of the domain name. Your information is not shared with us. Since they are the current registrar for the domain name, you can fully trust that it is available for transfer and the transaction will complete. Registrar based marketplace sales also have the advantage that the transaction can complete very quickly. Depending on your payment option this domain name could be yours within hours.


All domain names need to be registered each year, but the renewal price is substantially less than the purchase price. For .com renewals are typically $10 to $20 per year, depending on registrar. This domain name is currently registered until April 11, 2021 (that transfers to the new owner with the domain name) and after that renews at standard .com rates. 

Epik also offer forever registrations on this extension, which means that you pay one fee and they will keep the registration fees paid. 

Other Possibilities

We think this is a great domain name, but if you want to consider other possibilities why not check out our complete offerings? You can see a full alphabetical list or view domains in a thematic catalog

Maybe Only One Chance Ever

Remember that once a domain is gone it may never be available for sale again. If this is a domain name that will add value to your business or organization, why not pick it up today?.

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